The Best Superyacht Toys


Whether you’re on a charter yacht or looking to keep the boss and kids entertained this season, you need to make sure your selection of toys and accessories is up to date. Are you are looking to expand your beach deck area, or experience some of the latest adrenaline filled wetbikes and dinghies? Check out the latest selection for 2021

The award winning inflatable company, NautiBuoy Marine, present the C-dock, a docking station for Seabobs, that offers a simple, drive-in/drive-out solution. Listening to the frustrations of owners and crews, the docks have been designed to not only protect the Seabobs from jet-skis, yachts and other watersports equipment, but also to prevent the need for repetitive lifting of the Seabobs from in and out of the water. The docks will also house electric surf boards and offer protection and easy launching.

Director, Clay Builder comments, “We recognised a need for an individual and modular dock. Our docks can be anchored, tethered, linked to one another or linked to one of our platforms, offering the perfect watersports base.”

A brand new compact boat that delivers more crew space and practical, enjoyable features than older generation rivals. Class leading space for two sailors, yet small enough for convenient single-handing. Instructors will love the practical design solutions engineered by the team. Roto-moulded polyethylene construction makes the RS Zest almost maintenance free – this is a boat to get you onto the water and into the wonderful world of sailing – no hassle – no end to the fun.

The natural environment of the Belassi Marine Hypercraft is water, in all its forms. The challenge the waves pose became the main concept and inspired the choice of name: Burrasca is the Italian word for storm and conveys the untameable force of nature that gives rise to emotions and deep thoughts. A crossover with an unmistakable style. The Burrasca is the result of research and attention to detail to offer maximum performance and excitement while riding it. Art and science go together – that is why it takes passion and creativity to assemble more than 2,000 parts of the Burrasca. Each individual unit is still assembled by hand and tested for hundreds of hours with the support of the latest technology and expertise – to ensure an electrifying experience with every ride.

The ultra-lightweight portable catamaran is found aboard yachts worldwide. Quick and easy to assemble without tools, MiniCat is the perfect onboard accessory giving fun sailing for all the family. With a choice of four sizes and nine models, multiple colours and even bespoke sail designs (to match the mother ship) for super yachts, MiniCat offers something for every discerning yacht owner or charter guest. On the water MiniCat performs with ease for all skill levels, from adrenalin-pumped solo sailing to family cruising for four people.

Deramar is a dynamic, growing company specialised in rental and sales of luxury toys and yacht tenders in the Mediterranean. They are flexible, adaptable, and insist on delivering on time and make no compromises when it comes to quality and safety. The innovative, high-performance and powerful fleet consists of several of the world’s leading brands in water toys and

equipment such as Seabob, jetsurf, Flyboard, TIWAL, Sea-Doo, Jobe and many more. Deramar will be at your service just to make your life on the sea far more enjoyable and exciting; and you‘ll notice the difference at a glance.

The Yachtbeach Multi Dock and Lounger measures 2.05m x 2.05m. Suitable for easy parking of up to 2 Seabobs or IAqua, Amazea, Jetsurf Boards, Awake Boards, Radinn Boards, Fliteboards, Lift Boards, Magicsurf Boards, Onean Boards, esurf Boards or Lampuga Boards. In addition to parking, it also offers a super comfortable lounge function for 2 people and can be attached to the Yachtbeach pool. The Yachtbeach Multi Dock and Lounger can easily be combined and varied with all Yachtbeach 4.1 & 3.0 platforms and pools using the Handle Connection System, with non-slip hard-wearing EVA foam surface in teak look.

The Electrojet is a complete revolution in the yacht toy market: a zero- emission water scooter, powered by 100% electricity, that allows you to respect nature while living life to the maximum. The Electrojet is low maintenance yet highly innovative, making it the perfect water toy. The 24 kWh lithium-Ion battery and the charging system that can run slow or fast ensures that the required load level is always met.

The first generation Electrojet, Narke GT45, was launched in 2018 at the Cannes Yachting Festival and sold out almost immediately. The GT95 is fitted with a gutsy electric engine and high-power battery cells that produce 95 hp. The speedster can soar up to 43 mph and cover 31 miles on a single charge.

The SCUBAJET is the latest generation of water jets and fulfils every underwater experience to the fullest. The 2.4’’ display on the Dive Controller PRO Dual hand and the remote control shows important information like power consumption,

temperature, LED Indicator and the function status. The smallest underwater scooter comes with different battery backs that can be taken on an aeroplane to travel the world and they offer a battery runtime of up to 4 hours. In addition, the SCUBAJET PRO is the most versatile water jet system on the market and can be used as an electric motor on every kind of SUP or inflatable SUP to turn it into an electric SUP. More adapters for kayaks, foil and boats will be released soon.

The is specialised in the construction of Stand up Paddle, paddles and accessories. A large range of SUP boards is available : inflatable or rigid. They are all designed to offer you the best experiences, whether it be in the sea, river, lake, surfing, downwind or, to practice yoga, pilates or competition. They are built with the best materials, to offer performance and fun. Materials are chosen to be strong and durable over time and practices. At Redwoodpaddle, quality is the main concern. They offer you a Stand up Paddle with the best materials so that you have the best underfoot. The inflatable SUP’s are made with Drop stitch + double layer pvc or Woven Fusion double layer construction, the rigid boards in Paulownia, Innegra, Bamboo, Carbon. The decorations are made with the passion that drives the team: sometimes pure and natural, sometimes colourful to meet the tastes of summer and outings.

For the 2021 summer season Spinera launches the totally new and innovative Base 500 Yacht Trampoline. It is easily built up in a couple of minutes and then ready to use for action packed jumping, bouncing or relaxing on the water with friends and family. The main advantage of the Spinera Base 500 is the easy installation and inflation which can be handled by one or two crew members and installed behind the boat. No metal frame and no springs. Connectivity is everything. There are two different connection systems that can be hooked up to almost any other platform.

After years of development the designers produced the RS Aero. The most technically advanced boat in its sector. Which explains why it’s the most exciting and best-selling modern single-hander and easily handled too. Astonishingly, the RS Aero weighs about the same as an Optimist. Three rig sizes enable youths, ladies and guys to enjoy the ride.

A Pocket Rocket, the racing sailboat that folds up. The french-led engineering team designed an innovative sailing dinghy inspired by offshore racing and influenced by surfing. Besides reaching high speeds of over 16 knots, and being very easy to handle for novices, the new Reverso Air can be quickly folded up in under 3 minutes to fit into a 1m³ bag. The Reverso Air is an award-winning dinghy, a US boat of the year winner and was nominated best design at Audi talents awards. This sailing dinghy can accommodate 1 or 2 adults and has great lateral stability due to its very wide, chined hull, which is also great for teaching and training guests.

SeaRaft produces customised, high-quality inflatable solutions for the superyacht industry. Think of floating marinas that hold jet skis, Seabobs and other water toys, netted sea pools or a fun space for sunbathing, all shaped to the yacht’s specific stern profile. From small sectional components to large custom platforms, SeaRaft offer it all. The versatility of the platforms and accessories is what really sets SeaRaft apart. The modular design approach, with matching sizes and the flexibility of strategically located anchor points, allows for easy connection to any part of your yacht and the platforms can be quickly and efficiently transformed from one task to another.

AquaBanas are luxury lifestyle floating platforms that connect together to form fun and relaxing areas on the water. They are accessible by people of all ages, not just a certain age group. AquaBanas are redefining water entertainment with ultra-high quality inflatables that are made for various markets including megayachts, resorts, commercial waterfronts, and residential lakefronts. The first of its kind, Party Bana will change the way you relax on the water. The Party Bana features a non-slip top surface, measures 3.4m x 3.4 and comfortably seats 8-10 adults with a rock-solid central table for food and drinks, plus it has a space for the all important cooler to keep your refreshments chilled.

The inflatable sailboat Tiwal 2 is the perfect water toy for exploring and extending the pleasure of sailing when you’re at anchor. It fits in 2 bags, is assembled in 15 minutes and can carry up to one adult and one child. This 2.8m dinghy is equipped with a loose-footed sail of 5.6sqm and weighs 40kg. The compact bags are easily stowed in a locker, and its design facilitates assembly and launching from the deck. The sail furls around the mast, allowing for quick deployment or stowage. Single-handed or with a child, beginners or experienced sailors, Tiwal 2 offers excellent sensations for a maximum fun on the water!